Support The Renegades


There is one major factor that has kept Bakersfield College Athletics among the top community college athletic programs in the nation since 1922; community support. 

From the days of leather helmets on the gridiron, to the modern athletic environment featuring 20 teams filled with student athletes from every walk of life, the Renegades have always enjoyed rich friendships in the community that keep us competing with teams from larger cities. 

The generosity and support of those friends creates permanent legacies like the Dean & Adah Gay Sports Complex, the newly renovated Romain P. Clerou Fieldhouse, and most recently the Performance Enhancement Center-a unique product of a partnership between the Bakersfield College Foundation and a coalition of families committed to creating a lasting improvement to the fitness of our student athletes. 

If you'd like to create a legacy of your own, or join one of our existing team efforts, or you'd just like to learn more ways to help, please contact Tom Gelder or visit The Bakersfield College Foundation or Marketing Specialist Roger Fessler today at (661) 395.4266.