4 BC women soccer players defend opponents attack

The Bakersfield College women's soccer team ran into a hot team Tuesday at Memorial Stadium...often, literally in a 3-0 loss as Santa Barbara City College (4-0-1) notched their third three-nil shutout in just five games this season.

Both teams played aggressively from the first whistle to the close of injury time, often drawing groans and sighs from spectators as more than one player was rattled during several very sprited and vigorous challenges by both sides.


But it didn't dissuade Bakersfield from continuing to bring the game to Santa Barbara after they jumped to an early 3-0 lead. 

In about the last ten minutes of the game, the Renegade goalkeeper was heard to shout, "C'mon, it's not over yet!" And her temmates played accordingly until the final whistles against an undefeated opponent that has scored 15 goals against 2 allowed in five games this season.