BC Women's Tennis improved to 2-0 with an excellent team effort Tuesday.
BC Women's Tennis improved to 2-0 with an excellent team effort Tuesday.

The BC Women's tennis team went on the road Tuesday afternoon and picked up an impressive 9-0 victory over College of Sequoias. Last year the BC Women won by the score of 5-4 both times against Sequoias last season. The lady gades started with a 6-0 sweep of singles and went 1-1 in exhibition play. In doubles there ladies played tough and won all 3 matches. 


Paige Darstein had an impressive 6-2,6-0 win against Liz Martinez at the #1 position. Riley Tucker had a clean slate at #2 with a 6-0,6-0 victory over Angelika Loewen. Brittany Aguilar took out Shelby Goode 6-4,6-2 at the #3 position. Kaylee Defrees cruised at #4 with a 6-0,6-1 win over Kasandra Medina. At #5 Arianna Acevedo had to put in extra work with a 4-6,6-1(10-4) win over Alexis Cervantes and Chloe Moreno had a 6-1,6-2 win over Maddie McDonald at #6. In Exhibition play Serena Contreras took out Elissia Medrano 6-0,6-2 and Kenzi Williamson fell to Shajad Cacao 6-1,6-2. 


In doubles play #1 Tucker and Defrees cruised again to an 8-1 victory. In #2 doubles Darstein and Aguilar put on an impressive serving Exhibition and won 8-1. #3 pairing of Acevedo and Moreno finished off the doubles sweep with an 8-5 victory. The ladies will now go on a 2 game roadtrip to San Diego Thursday to battle San Diego City and San Diego Mesa. 





#1 Tucker/Defrees wins against Martinez/Hudson 8-1


#2 Darstein/Aguilar wins against Loewen/McDonald 8-1


#3 Acevedo/Moreno wins against Medina/Cacao 8-5


#4 Exhibition Contreras/Williamson wins against Medrano/Lightinger 8-3




#1 Paige Darstein wins against Liz Martinez 6-2,6-0


#2 Riley Tucker wins against Angelika Loewen 6-0,6-0


#3 Brittany Aguilar wins against Shelby Goode 6-4,6-2


#4 Kaylee Defrees wins against Kasandra Medina 6-0,6-1


#5 Arianna Acevedo wins against Alexis Cervantes 4-6,6-1 (10-4)


#6 Chloe Moreno wins against Maddie McDonald 6-1,6-2


#7 Exhibition Serena Contreras wins against Elissia Medrano 6-0,6-2


#8 Exhibition Kenzi Williamson loses against Shahad Cacao 6-1,6-2


BC Women 2-0