BC Women's Tennis has faired well this season, period. But they've done especially well when playing on the coast.
BC Women's Tennis has faired well this season, period. But they've done especially well when playing on the coast.

Bakersfield College Women's Tennis (17-4, 10-2)  played their last conference match of the year today and picked up a convicing 6-3 road win over Ventura College.

"Don't let the score fool you," Coach Nick Loudermilk said, "That's a funny thing, because it was a hard fought battle. Our women knew the stakes were high because a win here (against Ventura) almost assures us a chance to compete in the state playoffs in April. With a loss, our playoff path would have been muddled. But they wanted nothing to do with that scenario and went out and played a gutsy match."

#2 Riley Tucker got BC off to a quick start with a 6-1, 6-2 win and completed an undefeated conference play singles run.

"Tucker has had an amazing season, and we want to see that continue next week at the conference tourney in Ventura," Loudermilk said. 

 At #1 Paige Darstein dropped a tough 6-2,6-1 match against Bailey Sindle.


"With a full season under her belt, Darstein will be primed for a great sophomore campaign. I think she needed to see what it was like playing #1 in the most competitive division in the state. And now she has the experience and she will be ready for the 2018 season," Loudermilk said.  


Going into doubles play up 4-2, the Renegades only had to win one doubles match to seal the victory.

That match happened at #2 where Tucker and Brittney Aguilar shutout VC's Fleming and Powell 8-0.

The duo completes an undefeated conference season at #2 doubles.

"That's quite the feat as the competition is at a very high level. Our #3 doubles team of Acevedo and Contreras railied back from being down 7-2, and ended up winning 9-7. Huge comeback for a freshman duo from Wasco. They have been the backbone of our doubles team, and they've come through every time and that's why they are undefeated," Loudermilk said.

The team must now wait for two matches between Glendale and Santa Monica over the next week to play out. If they split, there will be a three way tie for first place in conference.

"We can only watch and wait now, but in the meantime, we'll celebrate this win and get ready for our last regular season match against Rio Hondo next Tuesday," Loudermilk said.





#1 Paige Darstein loses 6-2,6-1 against Bailey Sindle

#2 Riley Tucker wins 6-1,6-2 against Lea Meschke

#3 Brittany Aguilar wins 6-3,6-4 against Megan Fleming 

#4 Kaylee Defrees wins 6-2,6-0 against Alyssa Powell 

#5 Arianna Acevedo wins 6-1,6-0 against Luciana Muheison 

#6 Serena Contreras loses 6-1,6-2 against Allie DeMarco




#1 Darstein/Defrees loses 8-4 against Sindle/Meschke

#2 Tucker/Aguilar wins 8-0 against Fleming/Powell 

#3 Acevedo/Contreras wins 9-7 against Muheison/DeMarco