Women's Tennis Tops Porterville, 5-4

Women's Tennis Tops Porterville, 5-4

Porterville, CA - The Renegade women's tennis team traveled to face Porterville College on Friday afternoon and escaped with a close victory, 5-4 to continue thier unbeaten streak. 


Singles and team scores for the day are below:

1. Kayleen Sanchez (BC) def. Claire Nuno (PC), 6-2 6-0

2. Paige Darstein (BC) def. Eileen Counihan-Rooney (PC), 6-0 6-0

3. Alexis Strange (BC) def. Raquel Castro (PC), 7-6(1) 6-4

4. Viviana Meza (PC) def Katelyn Wernhart (BC), 6-3 6-1

5. Neelam Aziz (PC) def Zoe Butter (BC), 6-2 7-5

6. Vanessa Chavez (PC) def Ashlyne Aguilar (BC), 6-3 6-2



1. Sanchez/Strange (BC) def Counihan-Rooney/Nuno (PC), 8

2. Darstein/Leslie Pineda (BC) def Castro/Aziz (PC), 8-1

3. Chavez/Meza (PC) def Aguilar/Jacqlyn Zavala (BC), 8-2


Up next, the Renegades host Santa Barbara on Tuesday (2/26) at 2pm at the BC Tennis Courts. 

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