volleyball player hitting at the net
The Bakersfield College Volleyball team overcame more than Santa Monica's four match winning streak momentum Wednesday night.

The Bakersfield College Volleyball team (#5 in California, 11-4) was already facing a stacked deck when-arguably their star player-Alex Paris went down with an injury Friday. But they couldn't have predicted the next obstacle they'd be dealt just a day later.

"We learned that three of our players were in Las Vegas at the Country music festival during the terrible event that unfolded over the weekend," Coach Carl Feirerra said. 

The three athletes and one athlete's parents didn't get back to Bakersfield until Tuesday, just one day before their match against a hot Santa Monica (5-4) squad coming off four straight wins.

But Coach Carl placed no expectations on the athletes. 

"If they didn't feel like playing, 'no big deal', if they wanted to play 'great', and the fact that they end up playing incredibly well, and felt so good about just being out there, shows they are just amazing  young ladies," Feirrera said. 

And play well, they did. Bakersfield broke Santa Monica's four game wininng streak with authority, 25-17, 25-15, 25-21. 

"This was easily the greatest win of my career," Feirrera said, "What the human spirit does, just consistently amazes." 

BC hosts Ventura (9-6) this Friday at 6p at the Gil Bishop Sports Center in their second to last match before conference play begins.