RESILIENCE II - Second Phase Released For At-Home Workouts

RESILIENCE II - Second Phase Released For At-Home Workouts

Bakerfield, CA - RESILIENCE II, the second pahase of Renegade Athletics at-home workouts during this period of sheltering at home, begins today Monday, April 13.

As we continue our social distancing protocol in an effort to flatten the curve and protect our at-risk population and front line workers - BC Athletics has your training covered! Like the first phase, all exercises require nothing more than a chair, a towel, and your own bodyweight!

RESILIENCE II emphasizes ISOMETRIC contractions. For instance, the TEMPO for our week 1 CORE Lifts (A1 & B1 each day) is 2:6:X. This means 2 seconds Eccentric, 6 seconds Isometric, X-PLODE Concentric. Ex: Day 1 - A1 - Push Up > Down 2 seconds, Pause 6 seconds, X-PLODE UP!

Similar to our first installment, RESILIENCE II is a 3 Week Program. We will progress by adding time weekly to our ISOMETRIC contractions on our CORE Lifts with the following TEMPO:

Week 4 – 2:6:X

Week 5 – 2:8:X

Week 6 – 2:10:X

Click here for the RESILIENCE II video playlist on Youtube.  (Videos also below)

Click here for the RESILIENCE II spreadsheet.







When using one's own bodyweight as the primary load in training, it is often difficult to create a stressor high enough to stimulate performance gains. Due to this, we utilize TEMPO to manipulate the intensity of certain exercises by increasing the time under tension.

TEMPO is used by breaking down muscle contractions into 3 separate phases: Eccentric, Isometric, and Concentric. The Eccentric Contraction describes the lowering of the weight (muscle lengthening). An Isometric Contraction refers to the transition between lowering and raising the weight (muscle holding fixed length). The Concentric Contraction describes the lifting of the weight (muscle shortening).

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