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Cloudy skies framed BC Women's Tennis's first loss of the season Tuesday.
February 21, 2017 WOMEN'S TENNIS HITS BUST INSTEAD OF BLACKJACK ON FEB. 21st The Bakersfield College Women's Tennis Team (9-1, 4-0) busted on the 21st of February, a number more commonly associated with "blackjack", a winning hand in the eponymous card game. The stakes? Their previously undefeated season.
BC Women's Tennis waited until they won a 5-4 thriller over Santa Monica before having their beachfront photo op Thursday.
February 16, 2017 DAY AT THE BEACH...BC WOMEN'S TENNIS MAKES IT NINE-LOVE IN SANTA MONICA The Bakersfield College Women’s Tennis Team (9-0, 4-0) preserved their undefeated season with a thrilling 5-4 victory on the road against Santa Monica.
Women's Tennis notched their eighth victory of the season with a win over Santa Barbara on Valentine's Day;
February 14, 2017 VALENTINE'S DAY IS GREAT...WHEN YOU POST WIN NUMBER 8!! BC Women's tennis took their sparkling 7-0 record on the road Tuesday afternoon to battle conference powerhouse Santa Barbara and try took care of business with a resounding 7-2 victory.
Women's Tennis has pulled together as a team, and they are a formidable force on the courts.
February 9, 2017 LUCKY NUMBER SEVEN! BC WOMEN FINDING GROOVE IN 2017 The Bakersfield College Women's Tennis Team was a little disjointed to begin 2017, with Coach Nick Loudermilk shuffling the lineup for competitive reasons, including bumping 2016 #1 Riley Tucker down to #2, and placing freshman Paige Darstein in the top spot.
Coach Nick Loudermilk has used his intense competitive streak to raise BC Women's Tennis from the ashes...but what's next for this undefeated team?
February 4, 2017 LOUDY'S LADYS MAKE IT 4-0, BUT DON'T THINK THEY'LL TAKE IT EASY Coach Nick Loudermilk isn't suffering the so-called Sophomore Slump in his second season at the helm of the BC Women's Tennis Team as they improve to 5-0 with wins over San Diego Mesa, and a clean sweep of Victor Valley Tuesday.
BC Women's Tennis improves to 3-0 and they are having fun along the way.
February 3, 2017 BC WOMEN'S TENNIS OFF TO 3-0 START IN 2017 BC Women's tennis is off to a great start on their trip to the south as they took down San Diego City College 6-3 Friday afternoon. BC Women started with a 3-0 sweep in doubles.

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at Canada L, 5-4
Victor Valley W, 9-0
at Glendale L, 5-4
Santa Barbara W, 5-4
Santa Monica L, 5-4
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