BC Women's Tennis waited until they won a 5-4 thriller over Santa Monica before having their beachfront photo op Thursday.
BC Women's Tennis waited until they won a 5-4 thriller over Santa Monica before having their beachfront photo op Thursday.

The Bakersfield College Women's Tennis Team (9-0, 4-0) preserved their undefeated season with a thrilling 5-4 victory on the road against Santa Monica.


"Their hearts were on display, this was the most impressive win they've pulled off this season," Coach Nick Loudermilk said, "I'd told them earlier this season that there would be losses; and frankly I thought this could be one of them. But they are up to something special."


In singles action, BC #1 Paige Darstein battled 2015 State Champion Mayra Jovic and took a tough 6-1, 6-0 loss. But #2 Riley Tucker evened the score with with a win over Santa Monica's Abby Mullins (6-1, 6-0). Tucker has lost just one singles match all season, and that came in the season opener against NAIA school Hope International.


BC suffered losses at #3 and #4 before #5 Arianna Acevedo stepped up and changed the momentum.


"Arianna played the singles match of the day and picked us up. She dropped her first set 6-3 to Iren Feher, and was down 2-3 in the second set but got tough and mentally took control of the match by being more consistent and keeping the ball deep to force error after error from Feher. She took that second set 6-3, and then totally rolled in the final set 6-1," Loudermilk said.


That big win tied singles action at 3-3, and the set the stage for drama filled doubles matches.


Darstein and Moreno were dispatched 8-0 by Jovic and Mullins to put BC down 4-3. Tucker and Aguilar found their groove and beat won 8-2 over Subero/Feher, to tie the match at 4-4.


"All eyes were on our #3 team of Contreras and Acevedo as they took on Lepchevska and Olekici. The girls had to battle but in the end came away with a fantastic 8-2 victory. What a way to finish the match. This was our closest and toughest match of the season by far and was a true test of the team's commitment to staying mentally strong. They supported each other and stepped up when they had to step up. This is the definition of all around team win," Loudermilk said.


Loudermilk feels the win marked a turning point in their fates for the season.


"The BC women's tennis team is in full control of their own destiny in making a State playoff run," the coach said.  


Seven of BC's first nine matches have been on the road. They'll host Orange Coast College in non-conference action on Thursday, February 23, at 2p. The two matches to follow will also be at home.




#1 Darstein/Moreno loses 8-0 against Jovic/Mullins

#2 Tucker/Aguilar wins 8-2 against Subero/Feher

#3 Contreras/Acevedo wins 8-2 against Lepchevska/Olekici




#1 Paige Darstein loses 6-1,6-0 against Mayra Jovic

#2 Riley Tucker wins 6-1,6-0 against Abby Mullins

#3 Brittany Aguilar loses 6-0,6-1 against Sabrina Subero

#4 Serena Contreras loses 6-2,6-1 against Srna Lepchevska

#5 Arianna Acevedo wins 3-6,6-3,6-1 against Iren Feher

#6 Chloe Moreno wins 6-0,6-1 against Elif Ozekici